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4K / Ultra Hi-Def

With new TVs and monitors coming onto the market, we're getting ready for 4k. Haven't heard of 4k or UHD television yet? With more than twice as many pixels and a vast array more colors than regulard HD television, 4k, or Ultra Hi-Def (UHD), promises to bring viewing to a whole new level. Are you prepared to come face to face with sharks deep within the ocean depths or walk on the surface of the sun?

There's only one way to find out.

We currently have the following titles streaming in 4k on the SpaceRip Youtube:
The Curvature, Earth From Space
Solar Rain of Fire
Hypnotic Solar Explosions in 4k
Hubble Realms of Light

We also have both of our Ocean Realms titles available in 4k:
Galapagos: Realm of the Giant Sharks
Journey to the Sea of Cortez

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